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YOu said it, not us

reviews and testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers.


“You like sweets? Do you appreciate care and creativity? I guarantee you won't find the magnitude of all three of those things anywhere else in a two hundred mile radius! I've never had more interesting and delicious treats anywhere in my entire life. I'll bet even money, you won't be disappointed!”

- Priest

“My friend and I stopped into to the shop today for the first time. I was great to be greeted so happily when we walked in the door. The whole staff was smiling and super nice. Now let’s talk the about cupcakes!!! Oh my goodness.. absolutely delicious. I personally recommend the pineapple upside down cake cupcake. I’ll definitely be back very soon.. if not tomorrow! Yummo!”

- Natasha


“Great cupcakes, great service! I could say more but you should just go get some cupcakes and see for yourself!”

- Grace

“1 MILLION STARS!!!!! I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!!! LUV LUV LUV this place!”

- Susan

YUM! Unique vibe, custom and homemade deliciousness!
— Lisa
I think Andrea and the whole crew do a great job! The cupcakes I’ve tried have all been delicious, moist, and some interesting flavor combos. That’s why I hired them for my son’s wedding!
— Diane

“I had a delicious almond cupcake one day, followed by a delicious lemon vanilla cupcake. my daughter says the red velvet cupcakes she had were the best she’s ever tasted! Highly recommended, I WISH I lived closer!”

- Claudia

Beautiful and fun atmosphere. and most importantly, delicious cupcakes decorated to the nines! My new favorite stop when walking around downtown Jamestown.
— Richie

“I loved the salted caramel brownies, will be buying more.”

- Barbara

“Stop in once and try a mixed 4 pack. Just be prepared to stop in again and again. And the staff are as good as all the sweet treats. Y'all can thank me later.”

- Kody

“If you are in Jamestown, this is a must stop!!! Excellent cupcakes and everyone there has an amazing personality!! Y’all rock!”

- Melanie


“I preordered cookies of snowflakes for a party and they were VERY reasonably priced and HUGE! Everybody loved them - I had 3. So delicious and everyone at the bakery is so sweeet. 5 out 5 recommend!”

- Jessica

“I was delivered cookies and they were hands down best around.”

- Melissa

“A fun and lively establishment centered around a shared love for sweets! Give in to temptation and have a delectable good time!”

- Jake